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Apam Kukus

the flour & the yeast + sugar
a good pinch of salt
pour the brown sugar & the water
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I was bored to death the other day when my siblings opened up a story about how our mother used to make kuih apam kukus (steamed apam). Since nowadays Mak got so busy with her school work that lazying at home, resting was her best idea of being at home that we just tak sampai hati nak minta dia buatkan, I decided to give it a shot though I must say that I was so nervous about the outcome.

The result?

Soft, spongy, slightly sweet apam. You really should give this a try - it's really easy!


4 cups of flour
1 packet of Mauri-pan dried yeast
2 cups of sugar
2-3 cups of liquidized brown sugar (not the brown sugar you use in your coffee, in Malay word it's called gula merah - check your local store)
2-3 cups of water
A pinch of salt

Few grated white coconut for garnishing

Tips & Tricks

Fresh grated coconut won't last long. But you can make it last a bit longer if you put the grated coconut in a baking tin, sprinkle a bit of flour and a good pinch of salt, put the baking tin into the steamer and steam the grated coconut for 3-5 minutes. This will help making the coconut stays good longer than not being steamed. Good luck!


1. In a large plastic bowl, put together the flour, Mauri-pan, sugar and water (cup by cup, so it wouldn't end up too watery), mix them well.

2. Mix the mixture with your hand, making sure that all lumps are well dissolved. Pour the liquidized brown sugar into the mixture. If the mixture becomes too watery, add a little bit of flour until it becomes not too watery.

3. Using your hand, "slap" the mixture, but not too vigorously. This will add air into the mixture in order to help it rise. Do this for about 5 minutes.

4. Leave the mixture covered with a round tray or lid suitable for your bowl.

5. After 40-45 minutes, the mixture will puff or rise double the size you left it covered earlier. Preheat steamer, make sure the water is enough for 1 hour of steaming.

6. Grease a baking tin with a bit of vegetable or palm oil. Pour the mixture into the baking tin. After the water in the steamer boils, steam the mixture for 45 minutes.

7. Always check the steamer's lid free from water drips. This is to prevent the water drips from falling onto the apam's surface and spoiling the apam.

8. After 45 minutes, off the stove and let the apam cools down before serving.

9. To serve, cut the apam into squares and serve with the grated coconut.

This is a very versatile dish - you can have it as breakfast, during tea time or simply as a dessert.


If you can't find the brown sugar as mentioned above, simply omit the item and replace it with another 3-4 cups of sugar and if you like, you can add colorings to the mixture.

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Kek Batik

Milo - the key taste of Kek Batik
a li'l bit of Nescafe won't hurt anyone
the half cup cocoa powder
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This recently I found a great, easy recipe of one of my favorite food - Kek Batik. I got the recipe from my friend, IcedNyior, whom I've known from But I've modified the recipe & the method a bit - jgn marah k Iced. But seriously, you should really give it a try - it's highly addictive! Don't say you're not warned!



250g butter (preferably unsalted)


1 1/2 cup Milo
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon Nescafe


1 can of evaporated milk (I usually use Ideal brand)
1 can of sweetened milk (I usually use F&N brand)

1 cup Nestum
350g plain Marie biscuit


1. Melt the butter in a medium sized saucepan or a pot on a medium fire. Be careful not to brown or burnt it.

2. In a big bowl, mix dry ingredients (B) and mix with the melted butter.

3. Pour the contents of ingredients (C), stir until they mix thoroughly and until all lumps are well dissolved. Bring the mixture to a boil. After it boils, put out the fire and remove from stove to let it cool.

4. While waiting for the mixture to cools down, break the biscuits to pieces (I usually break them into 4). Put the biscuits into the mixture together with the Nestum.

5. Layer a baking tin with plastic or cling film. Pour the mixture into the baking tin, making sure all area are covered and press the mixture by using your hands (make sure you wear plastic gloves).

6. Freeze in the freezer before served. The longer you freeze it, the better.

This dish is good as dessert or simply whenever you want to eat it.
Happy cooking!


In the photos I enclosed above, I mixed the 2 milk into the dry ingredients and whisk until it mix thoroughly simply because I wanted to try the method. The result - still the same yummy, irresistable Kek Batik. Hope you guys tak pening kepala over the small details ok!

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Jalan2 chari pasal...(dush! dush! dush!)

- the view of KTM from the exit of General Post Office -
- the historical KTM & blue sky -
- the KL Sentral building -
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I was transferring data between my mobile phone & PC in my workplace and I found a few scenery photos that I want to share with you peeps... The photos were like, 2 months ago but I thought of sharing with the world (hahaha!...) my another rather on-and-off passion (can that be called a passion? entah le...) - amateur photography.

The location : Along Jalan Travers, from Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin (KTM)
The destination : Mid Valley Mega Mall
The intention : Were going to jalan2 chari pasal (dush! dush! dush!)
The gadget : Nokia N78, 3.2MP/AF by Carl Zeiss
The time : Like, 5 p.m.

I was riding with my best friend cum personal bodyguard cum partner-in-crime when I realize that it was one beautiful late afternoon that I just couldn't afford to waste. So without hesitating, I took out my N78 and snapped up few (happened to be) breathtaking scenery...

MasyaAllah, it was tremendously beautiful and I was proud at myself that I didn't waste any chance to have the beautiful late afternoon captured in my mobile...

So to all of you who happen to drop by here, please don't hesitate to enjoy my impulsive photography and your C&C of course, are highly welcomed and appreciated!

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After Shopping At Tesco

the packet & my Graes cooker
add the water & butter
pour the content from the packet
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Recently I shopped my groceries at Tesco Extra, Selayang. The place was formerly known as Macro Selayang. It was a huge building with a couple of storeys and it's a place suitable for almost anyone - daily grocery user, small & medium entrepreneurs, etc.

I was looking for pasta when I came across one particular item which, I must say, a bit strange yet deeply intriguing that had me bought it 'cause I really wanted to taste it. It's called couscous.

The couscous is one of the staple food of the world, like rice for the Asians, and bread to the Westerners. It's well known among the Arabian people, specifically the Algerians. For further reading about couscous, check this out

I know this is the instant version, but trying new things won't hurt right? Check these pics peeps!

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my latest passion...(or craze, perhaps?...)

used to be my favourite breakfast...
It's been quite a while I've been err,...quiet...
Been busy with life, so on and so forth...
I discovered something about me this recent Ramadhan. It was a heartily passion, endless imaginations, li'l bit of craze and a pinch of curiosity. I found out that I really like trying my hands on new recipes or newly found recipes...
The results?
1. Ugly. Ha3... But who needs good looks when you can get result no 2?
2. Tasty. 'Cos I just couldn't help myself from altering the recipes to my liking - sometimes they're poorly explained or simply questionable...
3. Weird. I thought the outcomes usually are not up to my expectation, but the food always ended up finish and highly sought after that by my family members...
4. Hilarious. Most of the time. I just couldn't find any other word to explain my feeling after the trials & errors. I kept questioning, debating, but out of my endless wondering, I usually ended up being praised for the efforts and the so-called 'creativity'...

Am I just being too self-criticize?
Tired lah with all these questions...
I'll get back to you guys with the pictures of my tried, tested and approved (eceh!) recipes...
Hope the photos will be a great help to aspiring cooks out there...

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